• Cylindrical steel structure enclosed at the ends by air inlet and outlet grilles.
• Steel grilles with vertical ribs.
• Fan unit with single speed single-phase motor and 5-blade aluminium rotor keyed directly onto the motor shaft.
• Tubular heating element rated 3000 W.
• Control panel located on top of the main cylindrical casing, made of self-extinguishing ABS plastic rated V0, with painted finish and built-in carrying/positioning handle.
• Mechanical timer, 180 minutes max, allowing delayed shutdown.
• Rotary heat output selector with three settings: off, half-power, full power and fan only.
• Auto-reset safety device, operating as thermal overload protective cutout mounted to the heating element.
• Bent and painted steel feet, with antivibration mounts.
• Power cord complete with moulded Schuko euro plug, length 1800 mm.
• Bulb type room thermostat, able to guarantee greater reading accuracy.
• IMQ safety certification.

Plus 3000 M / מק"ט 70805
Plus 3000 T / מק"ט 70806
Plus 5000 T / מק"ט 70807

השאירו פרטים ונחזור אליכם בהקדם.
השאירו פרטים ונחזור אליכם בהקדם.
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